Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last post of o8.

before anything, thanks to everyone for the comments and the love. i really appreciate it. i'll get around to thanking you all individually but for right now, to EVERYONE... THANK YOU.<3. 2008 has been for me like im sure for everyone else, a rollercoaster. ive reached my highest of highs *in every sense of the word* LMAO. and hit those lows too. but im thankful to be blessed to not only have amazing friends. whether new, old, new-old ones who we got reconnected be a part of my life. they may not realize it but every single one of them plays such an integral part of my day to day its not even funny. so thanks you guys all of you. if you're in my circle you know who u are. ;] ily. and my hubby, im so blessed to have him. ily daddy. you're the best. thank you. but im anxious to say goodbye to 08 and step into 09. its already looking bright for me. got a new job i start on monday *chicka chicka yeeeaaahh* i'll be at statefarm in jersey city sooo $$$$$ here i come. 8). well thats it for now. do it big tonight! 

-i wish all you guys a happy & blessed new year. 09 is mine baby! *im going from jordan (23) to kobe (24) in like 12 hrs.. damn. im an old head. 

heres some eye candy from christmas eve.
-okay so i was a lil tispy by this pic. lmao. 
someone was feeling themselves.= X


*our daughter with her mommy & daddy. ;]


my youngins. gotta start em early. ♥ these lil bitches.

♥ my minis.

trey songz in the face ass nigga. lmao. cousin ricky


its not a party at the sosa's til the haitians
come thru. lol. the marvs!

christmas day:
two men who have my ♥

being a good aunt & uncle

lakers vs celtics game. lets get it LA.

my bad santa ;]

p.s. KAY, my twin, YOU'RE awesome. <3


bella.femme said...

ok so for starters ♥ the eye candy
& uummm not when leanne is really grown looking so beautiful & shit

p.s happy early birthday new years baby =DDDD have fun & god bless.

Kay said...

u look purdayyyy twinnie <33
can`t wait to party with u next weekend ;)
happy early birthdayy

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009::))))

FLYBOIZ said...

old head?
Cuz 24 is up there.
its funny when i come to your blog cuz i be countin the [a]'s.
but happy b'day and new years jaaaaae!

-bonnie marie; said...


Anonymous said...

Pretty pics <3

Happy belated Birthday / New Year!

FLYBOIZ said...

you can't invite everybody 2 party for your b'day!
or can you?
what about the 20 year old bucks [me]?

kmX said...

Looks like you had a great time.
You & the bf are too cute ;]
Happy New Years & Merry Very Belated xmas.

the MRS. said...

awwwwww yall look like yall had a nice holiday