Sunday, December 14, 2008

-no need to be greedy; i got madd friends thats pretty.<3

friday night me & my bitches went out for some yummy coconut mojitos. yummm. we left cubanu* to go to allzone* wow, NEVER AGAIN. like really. im not joking. OD spanish music, a bunch of fat, grown ass men singing *feliz navidad* i wanted to die. it was hot. muggy & smelled like an NFL locker room. blech. but needless to say i love my girls and we had fun. im still waiting on nini* & stefcue*

eye candy:


glam girl$. said...

were hott stuff.
point blank period!

i want me some COCOnut mojitos. "/

vexedmentals said...

lmao @ feliz navidad. horribleeee. drinks lookin' tasty as hell though. must try! & is it just me or is your hair growing mad fast? like really fast.

Anonymous said...


Eye candy for days!!!:)

I want whatever you having!!!

Girl, I'm need to ride with y'all asap!!!:)

Latoya said...


StéfCue° said...

lmaooo whadda night. we had fun over all. we need a repeat of this night but, DEFINITELY in the city.

Kay said...

looked like fun :D

glam girl$. said...

oh yeah LMFAOOOO @ "& smelled like an NFL locker room"
not when i heard what else u
thought itd smelled like.
yo i was dieinnnnnnnnnn!

i dont thnk u got to read my away
that nite; bu me & ana were cryin.

ur a btch lmfaoooo.

supreme. said...

cute pics.

Jervis said...

ugggh.these pics stay gorgeus

Meeze said...

nice pics