Tuesday, December 9, 2008


this is just a simple, quick entry since i keep getting bitched at for not blogging as much as i should. but whatevs. my thanksgiving was great. just family. of course blew it down with friends but for the most part, it was ALL family and i loved it. i didnt flick it up much idk why. =[ but i do have a couple of me & the mister & our godbaby cam ♥ he's soooooooo cute. its weird because he was a preemie and so tiny when he was born and to see him now its like wth?! lol im in loooooooooooooooooooove. <3

my two men. looooves it.

our godson baby cam.

est. 0922.

- thats it for now. i hope you bitches are satisfied. lmaoo. *ahem. stefcue. neeners. tots & teenz.


StéfCue° said...

goodgrl putica ;]
im SORT of satisfied lol
i'm styll aiming for that slice
for a shuck. lmao

vexedmentals said...

i absolutely love how u edited those pics. esp with the black border & all. youre right, momma's soo proud lmao.<33

glamgirl$ said...

okok somewhat satisfied. LOL.
your godson is adorable. <33

& the way you photoshopped u &
alex's pics, THATS exactly how
i want me & darius' pics.

but ill give u a decent pic
where the stupid whatspoppin
isnt on the far right. LOL.

<33 ya.

-bonnie marie; said...

ju look beautiful my chulita.<3
not when alex and ana are twins lmao

bella.femme said...

the pics are cute your hair looks so good
& your god son is way too cute for his own good god bless him ♥

Latoya said...



supreme. said...

very cute baby.

Kay said...

omg my nephew's name is cam! ^_^

& yay at u updatin lmao.

ur layout is hoooot

Jervis said...

beautiful site