Tuesday, December 23, 2008

-catching up.

well, ive been gone for a minute. things havent really been all peachy keen. but im alive, still very blessed, thursday on the way back from picking alex up from work, got into a 4 car pile up on 280 right before we got on the parkway. ugh. basically we were sandwiched and everybody else's cars had like a busted tail light and my baby looks like this. smfh. but again i thank god and my lucky stars no one got injured and that we were able to get ourselves home. at which point im on my way home talking to my mom trying to calm down when i get word that a friend of mine whos mom worked with my mom just got diagnosed with leukemia. my heart sank n i could not even begin to hold back my tears.she's only 21! she went thru her first chemo treatment and is responding well and shes staying positive so thats keeping ME positive. THENN, to add more insult to injury i get home finally only to find out my boy was shot & killed in newark. i had so many diff and random emotions running thru me that ive kinda just shut down but im blessed to have a great boyfriend who is more than that. he's my bestfriend and he's held me down and kept me focused and with my spirits and not only that, i have some of the most amazing friends. thanks to my girls for being there. thru everything. i love you guys. (*tati, carm, & stef you guys especially for understanding and being yourselves.) i appreciate you more than you know. thanks, again.

but on a lighter, happier note, ive started to feel better about EVERYTHING. people out there have it much worse than me. i pray for lissette's recovery & for j-jay's family. as cliche as it sounds, everything DOES happen for a reason and i continue to be grateful and recognize my blessings on a day to day basis. but, i FINALLY found a spot for my birthday party and set a date and everything. so for those of you who want to come out to celebrate my 24th birthday with me (yes, im an old head =[ lmaoo) you're more than welcome to on saturday january 10th at 10pm at fr.og 71 spring st @ crosby. come by, say hey, party with me & my closest ones & make some new friends. girls are all free before midnight. guys free before 11. i'll post all of the other specifics later closer to the date. but any questions, leave a comment.


Kay said...

damn @ ur car. i`m sooo glad ur ok my twiinie

& yes things do happen for a reason so stay up ;)

damn me not being 21

griddy said...

aw @ the car, smh.

glam girl$. said...

awwwwwwwh! i freakin luv ya too!
u KNOW im here for u wnvr
u feel like talkin & wnvr u need
a shoulder to lean on [ even if
im not there PHYSICALLY] lol
-whtvr the case; im HERE. jus
like i kno ur there for me<33

GOT. "/ dont worry tho, thngs
will get better. <3 ya maldita.

bella.femme said...

omfg jae your car is bad but thank god your fine & as for everything else just stay positive prayer & faith ok

i know it sounds gay as fuck but its true love ya

xoxoxoxoxoxo - heidy.

LOVELEE. said...

rip to your car my nigg,
good thing youre going about this all in a optimistic way because things coulda been atleast worst.

you have an angel on your side [;

Anonymous said...

Sorry babes!!!:)

but Merry Xmas!!!:)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sorry to hear that sister
happy nappy holidays. hope u don’t mind the drive by,


DREAM TEAM said...

son ya cars stay gettin smashed up lol yo remember what ya brother did to the white car? that shit had a shark bite in the bumper everybody on 8th was like WTF! glad you survived though holla

Yasluv♥ said...

Sorry that u had a shitty day/week :( Everything does work out tho in the end. Keep staying positive... Ring in the New Year right, you're blessed to be alive

vexedmentals said...

i loveee where youre having it. shit is so cute & girly lol. like they serve mad fruity drinks all night. ugh, wish i was going. & again, sorry for your loss - car & your homie. shit blows but youre a pretty tough chick. i dont even have to tell you to stay strong, my nig.<33

-bonnie marie; said...

i wish your party was here already; i guess we'll watch tv or something till then lmao

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

wooooow...that sucks hard core. but like you said, thank god you and everyone else is ok. im sorry to hear about your friends. Keep doin what your doing and everything will fall into place.

who luvs ya???

gloriababycc said...

wow... that is a nasty train of events you had to go thru! glad to hear you kept ur head up and things r rollin again..

and woooowzers... im definately leaving u some hate mail on ur birthday spot! im so jealous... i live up in LA and have never seen a place like that!

happy erly birth! have fun && bee safe <33

best wishes to you && yourz

ashcash said...

=/ @ the car omg....i know you was DONE smh. thank god you're ok,that all that matters!