Thursday, January 15, 2009

KOBE; 24.

okay, okay, okay, i know ive been gone since the 31st but ive been caught up and im just enjoying 09 which has started with blessing after blessing. so before i keep going, first HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. i hope everyone's was as good as mine. secondly, thanks to all the new followers ill start to update more often. i PINKY. but as far everything else goes, i love my life. my job is great. i love my bf. my friends. everything. im blessed. daddy got me my bold as my birthday/congrats on the new job present. for those of you who know me, know im a BBM head. so send me ur pins if you're reading. ;].as most of you know, my party was this past weekend and it was looking pretty grim for a lil bit BUT things got better and we partied our asses off. ill try to put the pics in the best order possible but alot of that night is a blur. lmaooo. 4 bottles of moet & hella mixed drinks... put me smoooooooooooooooooooooth out all of sunday. lmao. this birthday was absoloutely my best one EVER. thanks to everyone who came out, i love you. felt good to have everyone u care about come thru n show love and for the one's who the snow fucked it up for yous; ilu too! =] thats all i got for right now because these creeps got me dying in this group chat. LMFAO.
*nini has pics on her page & tati on the gg$ page.

*that pic was later on at night but my fave pic of that night.

blooooooooomies 5th floor.

*my fav asian ;]


sak-passe nigga?! the haitians! 


*around the way girl dj radio rose. -you're the best yo. ilu!
thanks for coming thru and showing as much love as u did.

-take one.


iiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaann & victorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. CLIFTON! lol

my s.i.l. ♥


what the efff jontantan.

my two whiteguys.

brother sister love.

sneaker pimps 2006. 
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brother &

j x j x j ;]

nae x jae

nae x jae x kelz

fuck em all.


choooos. *i know, i fagged it with the string & so did nini. lol

some of my fave boys.

me & daddy all night.

that was my glass. lol

gimme gimme gimme 

ummmm wtf? lol

osama bin bookie! lol

my heart.


"come on dariusssssssss i want one too" lol



nasty ;]

aye aye aye!

2 steppin.

*end of the night. TRAAAAAAAAAAASHED.


Janeen Mesmerize said...

aww wyou guys are soo HOTTT!!!.. happy belated bday ma.. I feel you on the bbm tips.. i CANT LIVE WITHOUT MINE!! =)

glam girl$. said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn b!
these are pricelesssssss!!!!
i had mad fun; & im gladd u did
too. ilu! <33

griddy said...

thats wussup!


-bonnie marie; said...

omg i love the fliiiiiickksss =]!!!
we were smashed! lol

vexedmentals said...

finally! cause a lot of these pics i havent seen. everybody looked dope. & trashed lol. i love tati's outfit, btw.

but once again the choos.<3

glam girl$. said...

thnx teenz! :D <33

Janeen Mesmerize said...

I'll most def add you :-)

Jervis said...


Kirsy Lovett said...

lmaooooo y do ur pictures have snow?! was it snowing in fr.og??? lmaooooo ily!!!

Kay said...

loooove thiiis

everyone looked dope

glad u had fun ;)

<3 yah twinn

&& u already know u looked gorgeousss

ashcash said...

loooves it! you look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun ma'am.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

bella.femme said...

you all looked glam as always <3

glad u had fun jae* =D .

Hildi**** said...

wow i love how you edit youur pics how do you do thatt????????