Monday, November 10, 2008

*singing* girls just wanna have fuuuuuunnnnnn.

this weekend we went to prime for my homegirl naty's bday.
needless to say, we had a fucking blassssssst. here's some
pics & vids.

she sweaaaaaaarsssss*

*we look like we're at an assembly for all the 11th graders. lmaoo.

we took some special pic for our bitch teenz. couldnt be there but we
drank and shit for you. [;

we looked like a sorority. lmaooo.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
*after prime. on our way to talay. already drunk as hell. lmaooo.

we left prime & went to talay to meet up with jon & niki.

*traaaaaaaaaassssssshed, i mustve thought i was at yoga. the fuckkkkkk?!

its been a minutes since we been together on some bug out shit and it being ana's first time, its like it used to be madd long ago. im glad we have grown up over the years when shit was shaky, spoke like women, held no grudges, put it in the past, and were able to pick up like nothing happened, smoke a L, get drunk, have fun & ride for eachother. okay so not when me & ana left talay, tati IMs ana & is like "nini is about to fight". we were like 3 or 4 blocks away so we turn around to try to find our way back, then the next IM "oh shit nini is fighting." i start driving alleratically & shit, park by a bunch of garbage & end pretty much running back to the spot. we found out it was the chick that me & ana HAD JUST FINISHED talking to as we were leaving. she was dunnnnzoooo. i knew her from hs & knew ana from working at vs. but we just kept saying wtf? we just talked to her. she was downstairs when we walked out. but whatevs, we race upstairs n the girl was already taken out the party. nini's response. "awwww. i feel so loved bro." lmaoooo. CLASSIC.

ana on our way home.


-bonnie marie; said...

lmao the videos are hilarious -i love ju chulitas. (chuletas) im hungry lol

vexedmentals said...

still deaaaaad @ 'nini what happened to your hot dog?'
'its in hereee - points to stomach.'

aw man, the pics are great. i'm so mad i'm not up there. . . fucking bummed. but we will def make up for it when i do come.

oh yeah the shoes were official, i want those gold & yellow peek-a-boos!

itsjaybtch said...

lmaoooo ya'll are crazyy

J.E.W.E.L.S said... guys are too funny. you all look fly=) now i kinda want a hotdog....

I am Jwork said...

Nice ass blog come check me out

Anonymous said...

Dope blog sweetie. Ya'll ladies were defintely doin it up @ the party.


miss feedmekicks* said...

looks like you guys wennt superr harrddd.


you all looked nice.

FLYBOIZ said...

nasty ass
pissin on the turnpike

naty baby. said...

yeah you went to naty's party & you have no pics up with naty :[