Friday, November 21, 2008

missbehavin. [;

okay so lastnight. me & my bitches hit up:

and the result is this: a fucking messss. lmaoo. we got trashed off the free drinks. got free hellz
bellz tees & i got a chance to hook up with some of my fave people, see some of my ny heads, &
meet some dope as people in the process. *theres an INSANE amount of pics so bare with me.

sarah morrisson of missbehave

emilia of missbehave

free shirts. chicka owww.


green drinks. yummmmm.

dj radio rose.

tattoo twinsies

bubblegumponys. i ♥ this chick. obey twinsies. [;

bloomies bitches. ♥

the rest.

who the fuck wears a onesie?! lmaoooo

i guess this is where i took over ninis away. lmaoooo

i aint shit.

but she aint shit either. *gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood times.


FLYBOIZ said...

yo i hit your blog up everyday lookin for updates like a fiend! lmao
this shit was funny
i fuckin love ANA she loud as FUCK tho

-bonnie marie; said...

-lmfao aww man good fuckin times i tell ya!
i think it went down the wrong tunnel ;] lol

PoetiCrack said...

where thee hell u get that hat at? pedros dien for one

REMUL said...

cuties ass pics.
looked like yall had a blast.

vexedmentals said...

did you really have a sharpie handy? lmao. ana is funny as fuck though. come kidnap meeee!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

lol! you guys look like you had a good ass time! i wish i could go! i get invited to that stuff but i'm in chicago :(


y0ung_runway said...

Yo, the videos are what made this blog soo entertaining...i love hearing east coast slang...

tight= mad, angry, upset


im about to follow.