Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day. ♥

so i've been mia once again. lol sorryyyyyy. but this is gonna be a pretty big post. 1st, happy valentine's day to everyone & the special ones in their lives. last week i picked out my vday present and got this puppy & a wallet to go with it. im like totally in love with it so THANKS DADDY! you're the greatest. i cant stress enough how much im blessed and every day i make sure i thank god for each and every one of those blessings. the past few weeks ive been a lil sick on & off. and we've just been like ohhh maybe i havent been bundling up enough in this crazy ass weather. but  saturday after the gucci store, we went came home & made plans to go out for a few drinks im in the bathroom fixing my hair and im like ugh blah im not really feeling all that great so i go underneath the sink where i had a box of preggers tests i bought with nini the other day when we went to target and got pretty trashed at fridays since we were downing mai tai's & electric lemonades. lmfaoo. i cant. *insider. but none the less, there are the results. positive. BOTH of them. i was like OMG! i was 
in this big ass house by myself. my first reaction was to cry. idk why. my emotions were all running through me at once. i called my parents. they were SUPER excited. i bbm'd alex & was like you need to come home RIGHT NOW. lol. and he did. hes like dont cry, its a baby. OUR baby. which is true but at the same time doesnt change how unnerving it is to find out that you're pregnant especially when you're not expecting it. but all of friends & families are super supportive and we know that we're gonna love this baby and be the best parents that we can be for it. tuesday was a pretty eventful day. we went to the doctors. found out we were six weeks into the pregnancy and in 2 more weeks, we'd be able to hear our little shrimp's heartbeat. craaazy! it was also the night of the spurs vs nets game that i got tickets to for daddy's valentine's day present well one of them. lol. we sat 2nd row behind the spurs and unfortunately, i wasnt feeling all too great up until about halftime. but i made it thru with my saltines and my ginger ale. lmfao. butttt... here's a few pics that i was able to get. we didnt take any together due mostly to the fact that i felt like CRAP! buttt.. enjoy!

superbowl mvp santonio holmes was there signed footballs & threw 
em into the crowd.

*for griddy.

pg vs pg 
final score.

so yesterday when i got off work, me & my brother dee money went to the hilton to fix up the room for my bitch tati. it was sooooooo hard to keep it a secret from her. i wanted to tell her everyday since like 3 weeks ago when he hit me up with the idea and i agreed to help. so here's the pics from what we did for her. ♥ ilu biotch. im glad u loved it.


Janeen Mesmerize said...

I know I bbm'd you but I just thought I'd write it on here! CONGRATS! I know you'll be the BEST mum. Happy valentine's day<3

glam girl$. said...

omagahhhhd. i love the pics.
it looked soo much better
with all the candles lit; obviously. lol

bu yeah; thank u so much for
helpin him out. by far,
thee BEST vday EVER.
ilovedit. ilu. <3

griddy said...

devin harris is that nigga =]

congrats on the baby again; good luck with all'lat lol

Empress Journee' said...


lipstick cherry said...

damn, this post just braught me back so much memories when i fuckin found out i was pregnant while i was on vacation in another state with my friends and my bf was at home! =) but congratz love, its truly a blessing & hope nothin but the best for you ma

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to be jealous of someone you've never met before?! Well that bag has got me green with envy! found my weakness!!! I absolutely love it!! I'd totally take it off your hands ANYTIME you'd like, lol! Congrats on the new little upcoming bundle of joy! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girly! That's such a blessing. I know you'll be a good mommy (:

I hope you had a great Valentine's day btw. That bag is bangin!

India said...

haha knocked up make a movie j/k but a dominicanito or dominicanita baby to the gang haha congrats

naty baby. said...

my jae, i know we already spoke about the baby, but i am so happy for you =] & i'm here for whatever you need. i can't wait to be an auntie to your little girl or boy.
p.s.i loooove that bag it's sick. & those pics from the game are dope. ily. <3.

itsjaybtch said...


PoetiCrack said...

im mad that def the same test i used and felt the sammmeeee exact way i felt like i was reading my own experience wat dee hell cant wait to see the little shrimp ;]

Devon said...

awww congrats hunnieee, thats a beautiful thing :) that gucci baggg is sooo hot i love itt and the pictures are nice as well!!!

Rachie-Pie said...

awww big congratss!!!!

esspee*. said...

wow congrats <3 stumbled upon your blog and wow what a nice time to follow you, lol. i wish you a healthy pregnancy. and second, that was sweet of you to hook yo sis in law up like that <3. but no lie, i swear, i saw those same pics on the internet. someone musta jacked these off your site. i seriously, sincerely, don't remember where i saw it though "/. but i KNOW i def saw these. i was like, wtffffff o_0.

TDB said...

congrats on your baby!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm super late w/ this post wooow girl.
CONGRATULATIONS =) Thats crazy how unsuspecting beautiful gift mama. <3

Eb the Celeb said...

looks like you had an amazing one